Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crazy-Cool Eurovision Performances

The 2009 winner from Norway has it all.  Cute song, Norwegian folk culture, the Frikar dance group, a cute boy who can belt a catchy tune and fiddle to beat the band.

Ukrainians having a joke at the expense of the Germans - hysterical!

Powerful Serbian Song Wins 2008 - Molitva (bears a resemblance to kd lang)

Typical Germans~ shiny, kitschy, and kinky.

Russia winner 08 ~  layin' it on thick: evgeny plushenko skates, some smarmy guy plays rock violin, and the lead singer rolls around on the stage... and the olympic power lifter doesn't wear underwear.
Irlande Douze Pointe with Dustin the Turkey.  Beware of Bizarre:

Germany 2007 ~ super classy (egad!), and Roger Cicero is a damn fine musician.  Period.

Finnland's Lordi wins 2006 - those dudes in the monster outfits singing "Hard Rock Halleluja"

2005 Bring it, Andorran sexy-sexies:
2005 Croatian bagpipes and acrobatic percussionists
2005 - Helena from Greece wins with "My Number One"
2004 - The Ukrainian song with great beat and quirky shouts wins _ Ruslana sings "Wild Dances"
2004 - Germany lost because Max just can't groom himself on top of being ugly
2004 - This little chick from Albania can belt it out!  Fun little song.
2003 - WTF, Austria!?....  !? ....................   !?
2003 - More New Age pop from Belgium (?!)
2002 - Germany's vocalist seems to be petrified by stage fright ... or slightly autistic.
2002 - The winning song from Latvia is most cleverly choreographed.  The song is so-so.
2000 - I've liked this song since I bought the VIVA Hits vol 9 album while studying in Germany
Denmark wins with "Fly on the Wings of Love"
2000 - Comedian, show host Stefan Raab making fun of ?

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