Sunday, June 21, 2009


I want to make my mark on the world in broad brush-strokes. Gloriam Slow and sensational. Laudam In one keen observation, not a flurry of struggles or endless projects. Magnificam In one moment of compassion, I'll never forget the face. Jubilatum Hail to the stranger that pushed me past the crest of the hill. Ave His work will continue to be done. And a blessing will be upon his house. Adoram I will walk in his shadow.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Anger Research - NPR

Anger research NPR news 9:50am 3/26/09 Langley/Blakely/Lavely found herself yearning to continue destroying her exes belongings. So she started Sarah's Smash Shack in San Diego. The point: cleanse and diffuse anger. Freud was a fan of catharsis. John Lennon did primal scream therapy. Expression of neg. feelings was v. popular in 60's + 70's. Studies show that a big release of anger in physical activity does nothing but increase future expressions of anger. Increased arousal fosters more arousal. Saying "that makes me angry" in a non furious way is the best way. The sense of immediate improvement/release is just a sense. Breathing deeply for 2 minutes releases arousal.

What is Enlightenment?

Citing other Integralists like Cohen and Wilber, I take it to mean, loosely, the PROCESS of evolution of human consciousness (conscious life). --Notes from the January 31st EnlightenNext Salon in DC: Topic: Evolution of Consciousness and the Creation of Culture. -"Evolution is a moving target." -from the EnlightenNext article featuring Wiber and Cohen: Absolute Consciousness (Wilber's term) = Ground of Being (Cohen's term) is in an ongoing dialectic with the (state of living in the) Creative Impulse. The Creative Impulse is the world of action and creation, the same force of the expanding universe. A person is not barred from the Ground of Being until they reach "enlightenment." "I'm still the same Ego/Narcissist even though I profoundly experience the Ground of Being." ~Sam R. When we get in touch with seubject/object dialectic and we do this as a group, we speed development of society as a whole. On both individual and group levels we can re-frame (create a new context) the "collective unconsciousness"/ intersubjective. We come to question ourselves: Is it my ego-drive to gain the badge of being "better" (or "Integral" or "enlightened" or "evolved") or am I spiritually animated by evolution? The fact that we're aware of this inquiry indicates that we have one foot placed firmly in the Ground of Being (Abs. Consc.). This is the conversation wherein we recognize the presence of the ego. And in that moment, we have already transcended.