Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emotion Could

I still wonder that the human emotions Suffering and Joy Are not powerful enough to pull the world apart - or at least Were we to fashion it with copper wire Have it fuel the world The chaos in its crossing The friction in its evolution The resistance and the flow Are as seismic as the sun Because I've seen molten tears sear through flesh And laughter pierce a warrior's skull And peace flood houses I know its power But where does it go? It does not stop there The tsunamis of love and hate I don't think it turns into gas or meteor dust I know it's in the quality of the moment But what is quality when there are supernovas you can see? What human emotion can outshine or out-destroy that? And now it comes to me: None. And All. As a poet I'm cursed to compare the astronomical With the personal Always looking for the forward Whether I vet solid starfury Against amalgamations of electro-chemical reactions in an animal Or while hearing a friend tell the story of their day. ~ (c) TA Freeman~Sirtosky

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