Saturday, February 21, 2009

Despond by Jim Harrison

At midnight in his living room a man is angry at a fly that is bothering him. How can this be? A man is angry at things that never happened and never will happen. He's angry at the woman he'll never meet because she refuses to meet him because, not existing herself, she has no idea that he exists. He's frying potatoes that don't exist at sunset. The frying pan is a black sun and out the window in the gathering dark the ocean looks so heavy that it might fall through the earth and join another ocean. At dawn he wakes. There's a fly in the room but perhaps it's a miniature bird. Magnified, the sound is the basso rumbling o f the universe the peculiar music galaxies make when they fray against each other. He sleeps again, his hand on his dog's heart which says don't be angry. She senses the steps of the last dance saved for us

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