Sunday, October 26, 2008

Generosity: A Response

"My gift is my song/ And this one's for you" But I wonder if the song would light up your voice What gifts of mine make your heart sing Or want to speak for my honor And shall my honor be the permission to live in your house? Nothing is amiss To drive a man with your passionate logic, Too fiery to touch or slake Too intense to want to try Six months come and gone- I might as well be dreaming About this doing house My dreams were tied up in Intimacy: Shared space and Touch Challenge and Checking In That is my dancefloor That is my launch pad: Connected Souls Has my soul thrive I experience the universe with and through others Which magnifies my inspiration of the magnificent And as I seek to magnify my greatness in others and for others I sit full, yet unfull A full glass of wine alone on a table waiting to be slaked Were someone to be thirsty for me Several times per week I should pour myself down your throat

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